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Fees. NOTE: Registration  Discount82% off. 5 hours left at this price! Are you struggling with the PTE Academic Exam, failing to score your desired scores. PTE Exam Fee. PTE Academic is a computer-based test designed for students wanting to study in an  1 Nov 2018 The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is a trusted English language to as many institutions as they want without any additional fee. * As per the examination regulations, oral tests of both PTE Young Learners and PTE General will be audio-recorded. In Australia, Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for all  PTE Academic is the world's leading computer-based test of English for study MUST Test Centre 4 Ext: 354. Expect to pay £50 for level A1 and £100 for level 5. How many times I can take test and can I book multiple test? You can take the test as many times you want but can only book for a test at a single time. The test fees are set by each center. Each country has a different fee module. PTE 2019 commonly asked Questions How to choose the right PTE exam? Pearson PCL conducts four exams for different purposes. The PTE Academic English Test is an international English language proficiency and examination fee after a failure to get the target score from the actual PTE  Welcome to the Centennial College official PTE Academic Test Centre. On Booking Your PTE Exam Through Us, You Will Be Getting the Highest Discount on Your Application Fee in India. In Egypt, PTE Academic costs: $150 USD. Examination documents will be sent to school candidates through their schools or private candidates by post at the address provided on their entry forms. 13,250 for test dates starting 1st April 2019 Examination Dates and Fees. Resources for PTE General are reproduced with permission from Pearson For further details, please contact: Pearson Test of English. 16,625. PTE Examination Fees. online exam registration preparation fee with SAAE Super Achievers Abroad Education| Score 80 points in pte-academic| If you are reappearing prepare once SAAE Our PTE Academic free online practice tests are timed and partially scored just like real Pearson Test of English Academic test. To schedule a test and preliminary courses, please contact Kochi centre managed by Santa Monica. There are PTE Academic test centers located in over 50 countries/regions worldwide. 10,255 +18 % GST. Step 2: You should pay the PTE Exam fees. Aiming for perfect score? Enhance your score PTE Academic exam preparation with full length scored , practice and section wise tests. Book PTE (Pearson Academic) Exam at $297. If cancelled within one week, no refund amount is available Test Administration Frequency: Cheap PTE course, affordable fees, low price, low cost, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Wellinghton, Dubai, Sharjha, Doha, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Muscat TOTAL CHARGE LEVIED FOR THE PTE TEST. However, it varies from location to location and also depends upon the examination center you choose. What is PTE exam fee? The PTE exam fees in India is Rs. The examination fee is INR 11,102 excluding GST of 18%. I would prefer this exam to other available tests as it removes the elements of human bias in scoring. Click here to see a comparison table. Know more. IELTS Test Fee. For more information, visit http://ncees. Basic PTE® Examination of Special Competence in Basic if you wish to pay the examination fee via check or money order please contact NBE’s office for an PTE Academic Exam Coaching classes Fees. PTE Academic Exam Pattern 2019- Pearson- the PTE Academic TM conducting body prescribes the exam pattern of PTE Academic 2019. hu I would like to ask you to take note and comply with the above. Our fees are the most Affordable you can get presently in the Country. Welcome to Cambridge International Academy, We have over 10 years of Expertise. No refund of exam fees paid will be made if an exam is canceled fewer than three days prior to your exam appointment or if you do not appear for the appointment. 50% of the fee is refunded in circumstances where the exam taker is physically unfit to attempt the exam. Get FREE access to the best online PTE Academic Preparation Resources, mock test, study and practice materials anytime, anywhere. In India, the standard application fee of the PTE Academic is INR 10, 255. ptemocktest. FAQ. REGISTRATION AND LECTURE FEES  The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) a computer-based test which assesses the Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing abilities of  Maximize your exam score with the Best PTE tutorials and practice test. Be familiar with the types of questions asked to appear for the test confidently. The PTE fee is $300, expensive for a computerized test that has no face to face interview PTE is by far the most generous organization when it comes to arriving late The official site states "Contact the relevant customer service team as soon as you know you are going to be late. The exam is 3 hours long and is split   19 Jan 2017 ICD leading institute for Pearson PTE Pakistan, Pearson Test of English General, Pearson Test of English in Pakistan, PTE Test in Pakistan. PTE Test Booking – Application We are the pioneer of PTE special material and the longest service provider of the best real PTE exam question bank around which is used by countless number of students, our PTE study pack offers the latest and most comprehensive compilation of all current live PTE exam question bank on the market. PTE Academic accurately reflects an individual's ability to communicate in standard English. PTE Academic exam can be taken over 200 locations worldwide, 363 days of the year. PTE Exam Overview: Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based test that is specifically designed to check the proficiency of the students who wish to study or migrate abroad. Recently Asked PTE Test Questions & Topics of 2019 | PTE Tutorials Cancelling 7 days before the test date: 50% of the test fee is refunded; Rescheduling within 7 days of the test: Pay the full registration fee for the new test; Cancelling within 7 days of the test: No refund PTE 2019 Test Centers & Application Fee. If you do not produce the required ID on test day you will not be allowed into the test room and will lose your test fee. If you are taking the test in India, you must present your passport as ID, regardless of your country of citizenship. Coaching fees may vary from institute to institute, it may start as less as Rs 4500 to as much as Rs 10000. Approved by the Australian Government for visa applications and accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD. PTE Test Center in India, PTE Exam Dates with Fees. Besides, there are many other fees like cancellation and reschedule. Accepted by wide network of universities globally and for visa purposes. See what it's like to take an NCEES computer-based exam at a Pearson VUE test center. PTE results are available within 5 days from the day of the test. 18 Jun 2019 PTE Academic - Pearson Test of English is three hours computer-based test. The standard test fee is NZ$385 including GST. There are test centers in all the major cities in India hence you will never have to worry about anything. 2,725 . For Further Countenance, We Are Providing 15 Scored Mock Test Papers And Experts Counseling for E2Language is the best and the online PTE Academic Exam Preparation Provider. www. PTE exam has become quite Affordable Fees. In the PTE Academic exam format, there are four sections just like IELTS exam- Reading, After booking you can reschedule by paying an extra fee of Rs. Know all about PTE exam 2019 format, syllabus, eligibility, Pattern  To know about the PTE Test registration and course fees along with PTE rescheduling cost, students can contact the nearest branch of The Chopras. Please note that a candidate can only be registered on one package per subject and that multiple registration packages per candidate for the same subject are not allowed. Take Latest pte - mock test (advantage pte book), pte academic mock test - 1, pte mock test - 13, pte m PTE is a three-hours long computer based test. What are the PTE test fees? The primary fee is the booking of your exam. Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard only) 2. PTE Exam – Test Fees To complete the booking of test slot for the PTE exam, the applicants need to pay INR 13,300 as the PTE test fee. com. It evaluates a non-native English speaker’s communicative abilities in a three-hour test that focuses on the four main linguistic skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. You may book the test  In the PTE Academic exam format, there are four sections (exactly like IELTS exam) – Reading, The PTE exam fee is currently Rs. Please ensure you can provide a valid passport on the day of your test, or you will not be able to take PTE Academic. For any cancellation, no money is refunded. If you want to give test for PTE Exam then we can get result within 5 days. 1300 in test fee. IELTS test registration will be purely online. Buy $33 Off PTE Voucher Code Online from Aussizz Group. 50% of PTE test fee is refunded if cancellation is done at least one week prior to the test date. Amin. OET Registration fees: Each candidate who gives the OET exam need their own email address. You can find further information about transcribing financial items, payment of the retake exam fee and the joint account on the starting page of Neptun or on our website: kti. com offers actual full length online PTE practice tests with scorecard. The PTE Exam Fees in India is Rs. 14,089 + 18% GST which comes out to be Rs 16,625. Scoring in PTE. It is a computer-based test that evaluates a candidate’s proficiency in the English language. You may book the test through the Pearson Test Of English Official site: Here; WHERE TO ENROLL FOR PTE COACHING As PTE is a comparatively new English proficiency test, there are not many individuals taking the test. We charge a nominal fee of ₹ 4720 for best PTE Coaching in Bangalore (Book included). Start your Free Trial today! What is PTE Exam? The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is an English language test designed to listening, reading, speaking and the writing capabilities of candidate who wants to apply for university and visa application for Australia. You can also get PTE vouchers online to get discount offers on your test pricings. Paper application will no longer be accepted. On 1 August 2018, the price for candidates to sit PTE Academic in Australia will rise to A$340. PTE Academic test centers are located around the globe, in over 50 different countries! To verify pricing make sure you visit the Pearson Test Centres & Fees to search for your country and find the location of a test center near you. Moreover, an additional tax of 18%GST is to be paid by the candidates. Examination Dates and Fees. PTE is writing everyday of the week (Mondays - Friday) excluding Weekends (Saturday and Sundays). The type of question indicates whether the scoring system will give only a correct/incorrect score, or whether a partial score is allowed. Resources from the Official Guide to PTE Academic are reproduced with permission from Pearson Education Asia Limited For further details, Free Online PTE Academic sample mock test 9 for preparation. 10,000 per student for a one month course. 10,900 in India. If any case you want to cancel the examination registration, then you would get a 50% refund if the cancellation takes place one week or before the examination. PTE Academic test fees. If you reschedule the examination before 7 days then you have to pay 25% of the examination fees for next exam. The tests on PracticePTE help you familiarise with PTE exam to perform on the real test day. The fee for the PTE review course fees can be paid by cheque, cash, demand draft . oetexam. Retake policy. pte. 1 Feb 2019 Know how to reschedule a already booked slot for PTE Academic You will be charged 50% of the test fees if you choose to reschedule  Toll Free 1800-200-3678 (India Only) PTE Academic is a computer-based test which You will not be allowed to take the test and you will lose your test fee. Enrolment & Fees Our PTE Academic test centre has 10 seats. If you wish to pursue your coaching for a longer duration, then a 2-month option is also available. If you arrive up to 15 minutes late you may still be allowed to take it. online exam registration preparation fee with SAAE Super Achievers Abroad Education| Score 80 points in pte-academic| If you are reappearing prepare once SAAE. The test is an assessment solution as it is intended for learners of  15 May 2018 PTE Academic test takers, save $30 on you test fee with AECC Global as we were the official PTE Academic voucher resellers for Pearson in  Pearson Language Tests is a unit of the Pearson PLC group, dedicated to assessing and . In-house Practice Tests We have made 10 high quality Practice Tests, keeping in mind the quality and feel of the actual test. Note : for bookings made within 48 hours of the test date, a late fee of A$82. THE ENGLISH TEST FOR STUDY & VISA APPLICATIONS * Accepted for visas * Accepted for study * Flexible test dates * Results typically  Los exámenes internacionales de inglés, Pearson Tests of English, son click AQUÍ para conocer la lista de entidades que reconocen las certificaciones PTE. Upon cancellation of a test either one week prior to the test day or more, 50% fee is refunded. PTE Test dates are available throughout the year, so you can choose the timing of your PTE exam according to your convenience. The PTE exam fees in India is Rs. If you want to prepare for Pearson PTE Academic Test you can do it as a module of our Academic Exam fees are not included in the preparation course price. The higher level tests are more expensive than the lower level ones. Candidates need to apply online through the website. de um PTE Professional Vouchers zu erwerben. Moreover, an additional tax of 18% GST is to be paid by the candidates. There are no exceptions to this policy. Both, for PTE and IELTS the exam fees is around INR 11000. PTE is a three-hours long computer based test. Pattern Of PTE Exam comprises academic and general sections which you have to solve within 3 hours. Get your voucher code by Email or SMS immediately. org/cbt. Payment options accepted are the following: 1. Discuss, share & learn about the recently asked questions in the PTE Academic Test. Well I was also like you  Preparation for the Pearson Test of English Academic (PPTEA) Fees include a B2 Coursebook and a PTE Academic test (upon successful completion of the  Do you want to Score 75+** in PTE Exam like our below-mentioned student? The fee levied for booking the PTE Test is ₹ 13300. We offer the best PTE and NAATI  The PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic is the English language test that validates competence in At present, the PTE exam fees in India is Rs. It was created by Person Language Tests part of the Pearson PLC group and endorsed by GMAC ® (Graduate Management Admission Council), owners of GMAT ® (Graduate Management Admission Test). Practice regularly with the Pearson PTE mock test online and be ready to ace the exam. The PTE test has an application fee which varies across countries. The fee for the PTE exam can be around 330 AUD. IELTS exam fee in India is Rs. During the high season, tests can fill up one month in advance. The late booking price is  A variety of policies govern the PTE Professional exam, from when to arrive at appointment, you may be refused admission and exam fees may be forfeited. Please note: To take PTE Academic, you must be able to provide acceptable and valid ID, usually a passport. PTE Academic exam fees – INR 12101. The fee structure of the PTE Academic 2018 exam varies across countries. However, this will cost you more than if you had registered them for the nine-unit GCE in the first place. PTE exam fee is Rs. Learning English grammar, speaking, and listening is fun with our interactive classes. - If you apply through a representative   PTE Academy offers the best PTE coaching classes in Hyderabad . 50 will be applied. This amount charged could pinch the pockets of some students, and keeping that in mind, the AUSSIZZ Group offers the PTE Voucher at 12,250. If you wish to retake the exam, you may do so once a score report has been generated for the most-recent PTE Professional™ exam you have taken. Latest Full Length mock test 9 authentic PTE Academic Tests for Practice and Preparation. It is pivotal to input all the data in a precise manner. The fee structure of the PTE Academic 2019 exam varies across countries. PTE Sections Division PTE Academic Exam - Most Reliable PTE Resource This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The focus of the PTE Academic exam pattern 2019 is for aspirants who plan to study abroad but hail from countries where English is not the native language. PTE academic scoring is completely automated. Generally, the cost ranges from $180 to $250. 12650 for paper based and computer-delivered until 31st March, 2019, payable at the time of registration.   Quick Links. PTE Test/Exam Dates In Nigeria. The current IELTS test fee is Php10,270. All items are evaluated by computers. If you cancel your PTE exam either one week prior or more, 50% of your fee is refundable. Starting 14 May 2018, we will be implementing cashless payment on all transactions. 5. Fill in the Blanks PTE Question Bank $ 25. What is the Normal Fees of PTE Academic exam? PTE Academic costs RM 690 for each exam in Malaysia. Estimated Fees in India ₹ 7,000 to ₹ 10,000 per month With Us, You Will Get the Best Value for Your Money and That Too at Reasonable Price as We Are Authorized Sellers of PTE Exam Vouchers. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. FEES. PTE Exam: Registration, Fee, Discounts, Eligibility And More! In India, the rate for early booking is INR 11,300 and for the late bookings, it becomes INR 14,125. PTE Academic Fee Structure. PTE Test Dates are flexibile according to student requirement. Comments are closed. The Test fee is INR 11,102 + 18% GST*. So it is sort of like a late fee charge for all those who wake up at the last moment and realize that they want to give the PTE exam. Take the Pearson Language Tests (PTE) Academic test in Melbourne Australia Note: for bookings made within 48 hours of the test date, a late fee of A$82. However, the applicants need to pay INR 16,625 as the late booking price if the booking for the test is delayed. In case you are booking for your exam late, the price of late booking is Rs. The fee levied for booking the PTE Test is ₹ 13300. 00; PTE Essay Topics, Templates & Question Bank There are approximately 6 to 7 PTE exam dates in every month of the year. Candidates are made to use a computer and a headset to listen, respond and read the questions. The online scored practice test is timed and scored just like the real PTE Academic test, so you get the best sense of how you will need to perform on the day to  The Pearson Test of English - Academic [PTE Academic] is an internationally recognized, computer based English Language Assessment accepted for higher   PTE General is designed to reward positive achievement in English language learning. This Article Related to PTE (Pearson Language Tests) Exam Details Like PTE Exam Registration, PTE Exam Eligibility, Dates, Fees and also Results, Etc. I’ve been personally teaching IELTS from years now, and have helped hundreds of students to achieve their target scores. Our courses aim to help students with PTE exam skills training and practice. The Late Booking fee amounts to INR 12, 819. PTE Academic is a computer-based test which assesses  Tests are offered four times a week and results are available within five working days. This test is very important to those students who are looking to study abroad and want to work on foreign country. Once the PTE application form is filled properly, you will receive an email in 24 hours to confirm your account with Pearson. Unlike other English proficiency exams, PTE Academic is less time-consuming when it comes to exam preparation and score card report fulfillment. PTE Academic test takers, save $30 on you test fee with AECC Global as we were the official PTE Academic voucher resellers for Pearson in Australia. 00; All in One PTE Academic Test Question Bank $ 79. A little extra fee can be charged if the student is applying for the exam 48 hours before the time an exam is to be conducted. The candidates must keep in mind that the exam dates of this test vary from centre-to-centre. PTE academic scores a candidate on a scale of 10 to 90, according to the Global Scale of English. PTE Exam Registration in Nigeria, PTE Test Dates & Training centers in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Enugu. Find test centers and prices using the drop-down menu below. Do secure transaction & Get your Voucher by Email or SMS immediately. WHAT DOES AUSSIZZ OFFER YOU ALONG WITH THE PTE VOUCHER? The PTE Exam Fees is 13,300 as per the official PTE website. PTE Academic is a multi-level test, like IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. Exam scoring system. At Exam Planet, we offer very competitive charges/fees for TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, PTE, GMAT, SAT & ACT test Registration / Training and other related services in Nigeria. Endorsement of PTE exams: PTE Academic exam is conducted by Pearson Language test and endorsed by Graduate Management Admission council aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These tests are reasonably priced. de Kontaktieren Sie bitte info@pearsonelt. The PTE test centers function on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it is important to book your dates as soon as possible. 10,900/-. Dear customer, if you are interested in pricing and volume discount, please contact pteprofessional@pearson. ACCEPTABLE ID for PTE Academic test. The scoring of the PTE Academic is done by using a PTE Academic’s automated scoring system. Get detailed information for free about IELTS 2019 exam 2019, like registration process, fees, exam dates, syllabus, results, scores, accepting colleges, report, eligibility, pattern, latest news, updates and much more to study abroad. WHERE TO ENROLL FOR PTE COACHING IN BANGALORE. Call +2347063376716, +2347064878630, +2348116307744, +2348051535769 or click on the Register Now button to get your discounted fees, based on your location: N65,000: Study Kit The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) a computer-based test which assesses the Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing abilities of non-native speakers of English who need to demonstrate their academic English capability — often to obtain places at English-speaking universities, higher education institutions or as proof of their language ability for a visa application. Fee; PTE Registration in Nigeria: Special discounts apply during our promo at intervals. Recently Asked PTE Test Questions & Topics of 2019 | PTE Tutorials PTE Academic. PTE Professional vouchers Voucher facts. E2Language is the best and the online PTE Academic Exam Preparation Provider. PTE Academic is a 3 hour computer based exam which assesses your listening, reading,  Check all the tips for PTE (Pearson Test of English) Exam - how to prepare for pte , About PTE Academic | Tips for PTE Exam What is the cost for the test? You will need to pay a one-time application fee of 200 USD and 250 USD exam fee per exam if the exam is taken in Pécs. Register yourself with Ptetests. PTE Academics- Pearson test of English Academics is an advanced The Test is authorized and commenced by Pearson Publisher of Britain and  The Pearson Language Test (PTE) was developed in 1982 by the University of London The PTE test has an application fee which varies across countries. An additional late fee equal to 25% of the above cost is also applicable. PTE Exam Details – Full Form, Registration, Eligibility, Fee, Dates, Syllabus, etc The Full form of PTE is Pearson Test of English. Pass CELPIP, PTE, and IELTS exam with our test preparation courses. The cost varies by country but is in the range of $150-$210. At Reknown Edu Services ™ , the students are given the liberty to opt for our classes or not by first taking up a Demo session to get a firsthand experience on the training methodology. For any cancellation in the week, no money is refunded. It can be paid via credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). The exam fees in India for PTE are 10,900 INR. Examination fees are around $200. Understanding PTE Exam strategies PTE Techniques in Chennai PTE tips. The Chopras test preparation center offers proper strengths and weaknesses evaluation of the students with revised PTE online test pattern for coaching them. PTE has over 250 centers in 50 countries worldwide. Individuals who fail to pay the exam fee on time have to pay a total sum 200USD as a late fee. PTE Academic is accepted by universities in the USA, UK, Australia, amongst others. Want to book a PTE Exam date in India? Buy PTE Exam code online from PTE Code & Save Rs. 50  Know more about PTE 2019 Eligibility, PTE Exam Dates, PTE Registration, PTE Syllabus and all PTE Academic exam fee for a single attempt is 160 USD. Pearson Test of English. PTE Academic exam fee for a single attempt is 160 USD. In India, the application fee is INR 16,625. Click here to find who accepts PTE Academic. PTE General. Save Money on PTE Academic Exam Fee with Discount Voucher. Basic PTE: Next administration will be July of 2020 AdvPTEeXAM: Monday, March 18, 2019 before 12:00 PM (Noon) Eastern Standard Time: $995. For Germany and Austria: To issue PTE Professional vouchers, please contact info@pearsonelt. This PTE institute in Chandigarh charges a nominal fee of Rs. com and get detailed information about PTE tests course material, mock tests, course fees & other preparation about Pearson Test of English Academic. Find test centers and dates. Ready for the PTE Academic Exam?Take This Free Mock Test!Updated: June 2019Having spent more than ten years specializing in teaching PTE and IELTS, I can confidently say that the most important piece of advice I can give to students wanting to take the PTE exam is this:Make sure that you know you\'re prepared for the PTE exam or you may end up wasting a lot of your time and money!Many students We have developed our own, one-of-its-kind, comprehensive material, to prepare test takers for the actual PTE Academic Test. In India, the standard application fee of the PTE Academic is INR 16,625 The Late Booking fee amounts to INR 13,878 + 18% GST. Learn English quickly in Dubai with our English courses taught by British teachers in Express English Launguage Training Center. PTE Academic tests a candidate’s English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. PTE is improtant test if you looking to study in abroad. 00; Reorder Paragraphs PTE Question Bank $ 25. PTE Test is valid for Study in Australia, UK,USA,Canada and many more countries. PTE Exam Fee – The cost varies from country to country. PTE Exam Fees The standard PTE Academic exam fee is Rs 11,271 + 18% GST which adds up to a total of Rs 13,300. IELTS test fees has been revised to Rs. The PTE is one of the world’s leading computer-based language proficiency examination. PTE. In case you are booking for your exam late, the price of the late booking is Rs. It is Computer-based Computer-assessed test. All the items in PTE (Academic) are machine scored. pte academic courses and pte academic test prep in istanbul turkey The Pearson PTE Academic exam is an academic computer based English exam with Hello, I want to inquire about the fees for PTE Academic test preparation. Subject to availability, you can book a test 48 hours in advance or less as per your desired test time. PTE Exam: Registration Process, Fees, Test Dates, Results, Scores, Colleges, Eligibility, Pattern - The Chopras The current examination fee for IELTS / PTE, TOEFL are as follows : IELTS : INR 11,300 PTE : INR 10,900 TOEFL : INR 11,265 Registration fees. Unlike IELTS and even TOEFL, PTE is totally fee of human intervention. PTE Exam Pattern. Home; About Us; Privacy Policy; Contact Us; Facebook Group classes on all PTE modules; Unlimited access to online classes for four weeks; Classes held Monday to Friday; Classes start from 2:00PM to 10:00PM AEST; Access to online portal; Access to 4 online practice tests; Enrol and start your training anytime Basic PTE® Examination of Special Competence in Basic if you wish to pay the examination fee via check or money order please contact NBE’s office for an PTE (Academic Test) or Pearson Test of English is designed to assess and accredit the English language skills of candidates who want to study in an English Speaking Country. In Nepal, the price for PTE exam is USD $170. Get more information about PTE Test Center in India and Pte Exam Dates with Fees. 00 USD: RePTE: Monday, March 18, 2019 before 12:00 PM (Noon) Eastern Standard Time The standard PTE Academic exam fee is Rs 11,271 + 18% GST which comes out to be Rs 13,300. Here everything you need to know about PTE Test; A lot of PTE Academic test takers have been able to save $30 on their test fee with AECC Global as we were official PTE Academic voucher resellers for Pearson in Australia. PTE General are theme-based exams designed to test how well a learner can communicate in authentic and realistic situations, and not on how well  PTE Academic measures your English ability by testing your level of English through tasks which reflect real-life settings. 11,800/-. The standard PTE Academic exam fee is Rs 11,271 + 18% GST which comes out to be Rs 13,300. 27 Jun 2017 This article will cover your PTE test fees questions by examining the price and payment method, the ability to reschedule and cancel, and the  9 Nov 2018 PTE (Pearson Test of English) is an English language proficiency test conducted by Pearson PCL group in association with Edexcel. 00; Read Aloud PTE Question Bank $ 20. PTE test is conducted to check the skills of writing, reading, speaking and listening. Your visa number or national ID card will be utilized for evidence purposes at the test. For late booking, it costs USD $212. 14,089 + 18% GST which adds up to a total of Rs. You can also explore courses, universities, admissions, scholarship options to go abroad for higher studies in our study abroad admission page. pte exam fee

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